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PayMyDoctor is an online portal that helps users to pay medical bills online through a official website by logging on to Apart from letting to pay the medical bill online. It also allows users to view all their medical record online as well. The PayMyDoctor Website is affiliated with Allscripts which is an American company that provides network-enabled medical services for healthcare and point-of-care mobile apps. More than 110 million patients use the online services offered by Allscripts Clinic and PayMyDoctor is now available on Mobile devices also.

Enter Your Paymydoctor Client ID

Paymydoctor client id is one of the unique identification number where you can see this code in your medical bill. By using this code you can pay all the medical bills, after sign up in the portal. If you don’t find this ID number, you can also pay bills by using statement ID or Access code it will also work the same as the Client’s ID.

How To Use PayMyDoctor?

We shall explain to you in clear detailed process to enter the PayMydoctor Login in participating. By logging into online website, popular patient portal on any web browser. The main aim of this paying mydoctor is to pay medical bills easily as the official website is a safe and secure. It is one of the most popular online medical services. By following the below-mentioned process you can easily use this website.

  • In order to pay medical bills online, you need to visit the official website :
  • As soon as you visit the online payment portal, you can select the preferred language which is native and user-friendly.
  • You will be asked to enter your Client ID/Account Number/Bill Pay ID after you enter the portal site followed by DOB (date of birth) and phone number.
  • Select your language and hover to sign in button to log in to the panel easily.
  • Now Just Take the “Client-ID, Account Number, or Bill Pay ID” and secure it to enter wherever it is necessary.
  • If you do not find the ID, you can further discuss your issues here:
  • After logging on the official website, you will have to click on the link “Billing Tab”.
  • On this billing tab, you can find Medical Bills or Insurance bills which is linked with your Client’s ID.
  • Then you’ll find the date of visit, followed by your account balance and payment dues
  • Then hover to Recent Charges Payable Online…
  • Make sure that information is accurate.
  • Now, Click on the Billing Tab and navigate through the Payment option.
  • After that, click on pay online.
  • Now, select payment method like Debit card/credit card / Net Banking.
  • After that, fill payment details and click on pay.
  • Now, You will get acknowledgment receipt after the online payment is done.

How to Login Paymydoctor Site ?

By following the below process you can easily login into your website.

  • First, you need to go to the official website of
  • If the Website loads completely,you will be able to see text box there you can enter your paymydoctor client id. So that you can pay your medical bills easily.
  • After entering the ID, enter the sign-in button below.
  • Then enter your password after clicking on the sign-in button.
  • And then enter continue and follow the instructions which are on the screen

What Can you Do on PayMyDoctor ?

  • Book Appointments (Time & Date)
  • Reschedule Appointments or Change Schedule Appointment
  • Accessing health records of patients
  • View & update Patient information
  • Request prescriptions
  • View Test Result easily
  • Check Medical Bill Statement
  • Pay Medical & consultancy fee online


  • How to do a payment of medical bills?

Visit the official website of paymydoctor, when the website loads completely then enter your client’s id which is associated with your medical bill.

  • What is Client-ID?

The PayMyDoctor Client ID is a unique identification number to make payments to their medical bills.

  • How to Get ID?

To pay medical bills online, you need client-id, which is available in your patient statement that you received after your medical care.

  • Do we have any app to make payments?

No, there is no app for android and iOS users to make payments.

  • How can we enrol for the patient portal?

To enrol at patient portal and pay the Fees, you must need an email id, and patients can easily register by click on the signup button.

  • What if I lost my password?

On the Official Website, click on Forgot your password button and enter your email address to request a password reset email in your account.

  • How can I see my account balance?

By clicking on the Recent Charges Payable Online tab. You can also view your account balance along with date and time in online.

  • How can I know my insurance information?

Under the Profile tab of the patient portal, you can view all insurance information.

  • How to see my medical bill statement?

After logging into your patient portal you can see your medical bill statements. You can also see the all statements which includes date and time.

  • Using this Paymydoctor login safe?

Yes, paymydoctor is safe and secure for making payments of this website is easy and safe.

  • What if paymydoctor login doesn’t work?

If it is not working contact Customer Service, or try after sometime. Because of the server problem, it won’t work sometimes, support will help you to solve the problem.


In this article, we have provided the all the important information which is related to this official website. If you have any queries which are related to the paymydoctor, then please leave your comment in the comment section. If you are getting any problem while doing payments, contact the customer service to solve the issues in the website.

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