Allscripts Rebrands as Veradigm Inc.: A Strategic Shift in Healthcare Technology

Allscripts Healthcare Solutions, Inc. made a significant announcement today, revealing its official rebranding to Veradigm Inc. (NASDAQ: MDRX), effective January 1, 2023. This transformation marks the culmination of a transition period throughout 2022, during which Allscripts gradually shifted its solutions under the Veradigm umbrella. Consequently, Allscripts will now be formally recognized as Veradigm.

The US healthcare landscape is undergoing a profound shift, with stakeholders across the industry rallying around a common objective: delivering superior patient care at a reduced cost. This transition entails moving away from disjointed, inefficient systems towards interoperable, inclusive solutions that foster connectivity and openness. In this new paradigm, data originating from diverse sources within the patient care continuum holds the key to actionable insights, driving tangible value and supporting enhanced care standards.

Veradigm boasts a vast network encompassing over 300,000 healthcare providers in the United States, facilitating the transition towards value-based care and representing an impressive cohort of over 170 million patients. Leveraging its extensive provider base, the Veradigm Network offers life science and health plan entities unparalleled access to de-identified patient data, provider connectivity, and scalable analytics capabilities.

Following a comprehensive corporate portfolio streamlining spanning more than two years, all remaining assets under the Allscripts banner, including electronic health records, practice management systems, and patient communication platforms, have now been seamlessly integrated into the Veradigm Network. This integration lays the groundwork for realizing the vision of improved patient outcomes achieved in a more cost-effective manner.

Rick Poulton, Chief Executive Officer of Veradigm, commented on the brand transition, stating, “Some healthcare technology companies deliver clinical data for biopharma and health plans, some help turn that data into insights, others serve healthcare providers directly by providing point-of-care clinical software and patient outreach platforms, Veradigm does it all. As our markets continue to evolve, completing our brand transition to Veradigm represents a capstone on our own evolution as a company. We are well-positioned to drive growth and serve each market where we compete.”

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